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Introduction to the Boost C++ Libraries
Volume II - Advanced Libraries


Below the errata for the first printing of the book. These errata will be addressed in the second printing and the eBook version.


Errata last updated: 4 July 2012

Errata first printing

Section 2.12 - page 26 (halfway):

In the code segment add the following as first line in the main() function:


This will print the number with more precision so you can see the difference between the numbers. Without this statement the numbers will be rounded to 3 digits precision resulting in the same numbers.

Also change the the statement "double x = -2.344" to "double x = 2.344". Then the calls to nextafter() with min and max as direction will have a different direction. With a negative value, the nextafter() direction for min and max will be the same.


Section 12.6.3 - page 222 (halfway):

In the sentence "It will not block but it return inmediately", the word "inmediately" should be "immediately".


Section 13.2 - page 225 (at the beginning):

The sentence "Error! Bookmark not defined" should be removed.


Section 13.6 - page 234 (halfway):

In the sentence "Method I corresponds to Hohner's method while Method II corresponds to a straightforward computation of the quadratic equation.", the word "Hohner's" should be replaced by "Horner's"




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