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Introduction to the Boost C++ Libraries
Volume I - Foundations

Introduction to the Boost C++ Libraries - Volume IIntroduction to the Boost C++ Libraries - Volume I - Foundations
Robert Demming & Daniel J. Duffy

ISBN: 978-94-91028-01-4
Datasim Education
317 pages
October 2010
€59.00 ex. VAT

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C++ is one of the most important and influential programming languages for application development. It supports the modular, object- oriented and generic programming models and its flexibility has been one of the main reasons why it has been so successful. With the emergence of the Boost Libraries ( we see that C++ is brought to a new level, namely a set of reusable and modular template libraries that C++ developers can use in their applications.
This book is dedicated to a number of Boost libraries for higher-order functions, data types and data structures, libraries for text and string processing, multi-threading, random number generation and more. We also discuss how Boost and design patterns are used to promote the flexibility of code.
Each library is described in a step-by-step way. Numerous examples are given to show the functionality of each library. The full source code is freely available to purchasers of the book after registration.

Coverage includes:

  • Understanding and using 25 major Boost libraries
  • Learn about higher-order functions, data structures, memory management, multi-threading and more
  • Using Boost in new and existing applications
  • Integrating Boost and the Gang-Of-Four design patterns
  • Appendices and Exercises
  • Ready-to-run projects in Visual Studio
  • Full source code available (using the book registration form)


About the Authors

Robert Demming is software designer, developer and trainer and he has been involved with software projects in the areas of optical technology, process control, CAD and order processing systems since 1993. He has a BSc degree in technical computer science from Amsterdam Hogeschool.

Daniel J. Duffy is founder of Datasim Education BV and has been working with C++ and its applications since 1989. He is designer, algorithm builder and trainer. He has a PhD in numerical analysis from Trinity College, Dublin. One of the projects that he is involved in is applying the Boost libraries to computational finance.


Table of contents, preface and sample chapters

Below you can download the table of contents and preface in PDF format. Further, chapter 18 of the book is published as article on QuantNetwork.


Where to buy

The physical book is available from major retailers like:

The book is also available as eBook (in PDF format) directly from Datasim. Please see the order form to order the eBook version.



The errata for this book can be found on the errata page.




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